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Reception AUTUMN 2023


Dear Parents and Carers.

The children have settled well and seem excited to come to school. We have continued to spend time teaching the children about the expectations within the Reception setting. We have based our activities around a specific theme which has been the Rainbow Fish. However during ‘Guided Reading’ sessions children were captured by the story The Three Little Pigs. From this we have created a mini theme based on their interests. 

Your child will be taking part in the following activities and routines:

Personal, Social and Emotional

  • Being encouraged to demonstrate friendly behaviour, initiating conversations and forming good relationships with peers and familiar adults.
  • Responding to simple instructions, e.g. to get or put away an object.
  • Beginning to accept the needs of others, take turns and share resources, sometimes with support from others.

 Communication and Language

  • Listening to the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and recalling events.
  • Listening to rhyming stories for example ‘Rumble in the Jungle’

 Physical Development

  • Using play dough, developing fine manipulative skills.
  • Hall session: The children will begin to go out in small groups to develop moving in different ways.
  • Access to the Outdoor area daily


  • Ordering and creating The Three Little Pig stories.
  • Discussing and joining in with repeated phrases in stories
  • Children have been taking part in story telling- The Three Little Pigs, Going on a Bear Hunt and The Little Red Hen


  • Number songs.
  • Kung- Fu Counting
  • Looking and identifying numbers and shapes in the environment
  • Discussing which shapes can be found in the construction models.

Understanding of the World

  • Introducing the 2simple paint programme on the computers.
  • Introducing using Numeracy games on the Interactive White board
  • Introducing using the CD player independently

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Exploring the art area and resources available.

Thank you for your support.

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